Create collateral material to help promote the indie film The Doctor’s Case .The film, an homage twist to Sherlock Holmes, is based upon a Stephen King short story. Made by Barker Street Cinema, this multiple award winning film was produced under the auspices of the Stephen King Dollar Babies foundation. The film was starting to gain wider acclaim and more showings and needed specialized but inexpensive promotional material.


An original poster existed, and it was my job to clean up its lines and text. Additionally I was requested to design other posters and promotional cards for mail outs when new showings were coming up. Provided  with access to the film and still photos I focused on highlight moments of the film and researched other similar genre film posters for inspiration and layout.


The original lead poster is cleaner and stands out more. There are now a number of options for poster promotion use and promotional cards for hand out or mailings to promote specific showings.