Take the Road Less Traveled

Nomad Magazine came about from a project in Graphic Design at BCIT. Our project revolved around creating a magazine cover for the topic of "Small is Beautiful" and as a huge travel enthusiast I decided to focus my attention on a magazine that showcased how you don't always have to go to the "Big Cities" or "Huge Attractions" to have a great travel experience.



Taking the theme I started by drawing sketches of travel theme items and the little things that can become the small pleasures of traveling.

I then decided to focus my attention on places that are "small" in nature and didn’t have as big a reputation compared to their larger counter parts. Smaller cities, or places not on most everyone’s ‘bucket list’.

Nomad Sketches

Final Result

I thought back to my travels, things I found useful to know. Places that I saw that not everyone else sees; what travel magazines get me to pick them off the stand. I didn't want this to be a magazine for the travellers who pre-book everything, go on group tours and generally stay within the city limits. I wanted the people who read this magazine to become Nomads – the restless seeker type of traveler. The cover art was so important. I wanted it to convey images of just those kind of small, unique places which induce the Nomad traveler to buy their first copy , then to become a regular subscriber.


Nomad Travel Magazine