Drink Until You Drop

For a time I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland and one of the things I noticed about this fine city was they had a lot of two things: Pubs and Graveyards. So I decided that these two things go well together due to the fact, people love ghost tours and they love pub crawls, so why not combined the two and make more people happy? Hence the Edinburgh Graveyard Pub Crawl came into existence.

The Process

I designed the booklet in mind for tourists visiting the city and looking for something to do where they could explore the city and have something to do. I started by drawing images of halloween type imagery and thought of ways to incorporate the pub crawl aspect to a graveyard tour wanting the booklet to share information about the grave yards being visited and recommendations of different beers to try.

Roughs of Pub Crawl

The Booklet

Having taken many pictures while living in Edinburgh I decided on actual representation of these graveyards and pubs in the booklet. With a short description of the pub, an a reccomended drink along with a short history of the graveyard and notable burials.  Each black icon in the corner is symbolic in a way of the cemetery and pub. I wanted this booklet to be different and hopefully interest people to explore a city in a new way.

Pub Crawl