The Story of Goatman

Goatman came from the suggestion a friend gave me. I mentioned how I wanted to do a series of horror movie posters and I was then told the story of Goatman. A factiousness figure whose my friends father created to scare them as children.

Goatman was once a lumberjack who in a accident had his hands cut off and replaced with goat hooves, which slowly changed him into becoming more goat than man and started killing those that had made him that way.

The Process

The first thing I did when drafting out Goatman was to do up some sketches of what this creature would look like. Listening to my friend spun this tale I drew what I heard and added features of a goat to a man. I then looked into iconic horror movie posters. Which ones stood out? What about them made them timeless? I saw many different styles and found the ones I liked the most were simplistic in design.


Final Product

I spent time searching for different goat pictures and then brought them into Photoshop where I changed the blending mode to bring out the colour of the goats hair. I then looked through different fonts to find the right horror movie font to tie the poster together. I made sure to add a special note of "A Dave Seraphim Film" on the posters to give credit to my friends father who had the original idea behind Goatman. My own little easter egg.