Create a design that you could be printed onto a Buff company article of clothing (called a buff) which is similar to a scarf and is worn around the neck or head to keep warm. Incorporate something unique about Barkerville into the design.


The original image I used was a historic black and white map of Barkerville. Using Barkerville’s brand colour scheme I outlined the map’s lines in yellow and brought in a charcoal tone for the background. The finishing touch was adding Barkerville’s logo. Files were then sent off for approval to the appropriate team members.


These Barkerville Buffs now sell in the official Barkerville gift store.Locals and visitors have purchased these Buffs in increasing numbers and I now see fellow Wells townsfolk keeping their necks warm in the -30 degrees weather that marks winter in the Cariboo of  B.C.

Buff in Barkerville Gift Shop
buff design- Barkerville