First You Take a Drink...

Blind Tiger was one of those projects where I found the name before I fully pictured the brand. I knew I wanted to do branding for a cocktail bar and I have always loved the look and feel of speakeasies. I started researching them and from my readings I discovered that “Blind Tiger” along with “Blind Pig” were common nom de plumes given to speakeasies, and of the two I was more drawn to the tiger..
Once I knew this was going to be the name of my establishment the rest came easily. I pictured a roaring tiger with a blind fold and knew I wanted rich warm colours like, black, gold and red. I see tigers as regal creatures and they are used in fables as mysterious creatures; this all played so well into my theme of the cocktail bar. Speakeasies were around for most of the 1920s in the U.S. because of Prohibition and books, plays, music and films too numerous to count have used them as the backdrop for the action. The era and the Art Deco design and art movement coincided and made the perfect recognizable match for the creation of my brand. From business cards, menus or interior design Blind Tiger would draw you in and the one –eyed bartender would be happy to pour you one of our signature drinks.

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