I grew up in a functioning museum open to the pubic in Victoria.

Moved to the cosmopolitan city of Edinburgh, Scotland for work.

Travelled to 16 countries by the time I was 25.

And moved to the quiet town of Wells,B.C. to experience remote small community living and working.

My life experiences shape my designs and thinking, inspiring the creative designs you see in my portfolio. Currently, I am working as the Digital Development Officer at Barkerville History Town & Park, and learning each day more about project development, management and storytelling.

When I’m not working, or living in Wells, you’ll find Vancouver in my current home where I’ll have a book in my hands or people watching the busy streets of Vancouver, with a coffee in front of me, daydreaming about my next travel destination.

Get in Touch with Me!

Email: darienross@shaw.ca
LinkedIn: Darien Leigh Ross